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2019-2020 Filing Season.

PenCoast Tax Services

If you’re like most people, Tax Day is not your favorite day of the year. Fortunately for you there are people like me who read tax law for pleasure and live for the thrill of finding the perfect deduction.

I’m Brandon Ferrell, your neighbor in Moss Beach & Belmont, and I’d like to be your new tax accountant.

For the past thirteen years I’ve worked as a tax preparer in San Carlos for Clayton Patterson, EA, specializing in individual, corporate, non-profit and trust/estate tax returns. Now it’s time to expand my practice on the peninsula. I have a office in Belmont where not only will I help you navigate the maze that comprises state and federal tax codes, I’ll serve you a good cup of coffee.

Though I’ve made Northern California my home, I was raised in the South, and still live and breathe Southern Hospitality. My clients are my family; you can trust me not just as your tax preparer, but as a sounding board for financial planning, and a caring listener who wants to hear all the news in your lives, good and bad. Financial decisions affect your taxes; together we can mitigate your tax obligation, so you have the resources you need for all the things you want to do.

Numbers have been my playground since I was a child, and I enjoy helping others understand them. One of my favorite moments is seeing the face of a client break into a relieved smile. Whether it's discussing rental property, capital gains on a stock sale, residential energy credits, or my favorite ‘How can I pay less taxes?’ I’ll take the time to do the research, explain the answer, and help you come up with a plan.

You can use a tax program to point and click, print-your-own, and hope for the best, or you can take the easy way: join my family of clients, and let a professional set of eyes maximize your deductions. Pay the government what you owe and not a penny more.

I’m always happy to pour you a second cup.

PenCoast Tax Services

Brandon Ferrell, C.R.T.P.  (Certified Registered Tax Preparer)

Notary Public