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Notary Services

Fees for Basic Notary Services (+ Travel Fee)



Certified Copy of Power of Attorney

Oath & Affirmation

$15 (per notarized signature)

$15 (per notarized signature)

$15 (per notarized signature)

$15 (per person)

Services rendered in connection with the taking of any deposition $30

Loan Signing Services (+ Travel Fee)

Loan Document Processing

2nd Set of Loan Document

Document Copying

Document Printing (eDoc)

Borrower "No-Show"

Borrower Refusal to Sign

Borrower Rescind


$50 added (same visit)

$25 per set

$35 per set

Full Fee

Full Fee

Full Fee

Travel Fee

Flat Rate & Based on Mileage

$15.00 + 60 cents per mile


24 hours in advance notice via email or phone is required. Otherwise, full fee will be applied.